Do you ever worry about what intelligent animals are thinking of us?

Dolphins for example. I reckon they’re aware of humans being a scourge on the planet.

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I reckon they’re aware of us being cunts but knowing that, and knowing that we think like that as well

being a piece of shit seems to be an evolutionary advantage, sadly

most dolphins are probably dickheads

the highest form of life would be super-humble and chill


Just in the living room watching Some Might Say live, burst into tears twice

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Genuinely been in tears

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If aliens were watching us through a big telescope and saw humans taking their dogs for a walk, being led by them and carrying their poop in a little bag, do you think they’d think the dogs were in charge?


Oh my dog is definitely in charge.


If my dog is in charged it would explain a lot about how the place is all fucked up.

He still tries to figure out where the food that we pick up with our fork and put back on our plate is, and why it isn’t on the floor.



I was just telling someone the other day that dolphins probably hate us and if they could do what they did on the Simpsons and kill us all, they would

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As they should

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Yeah exactly


This thread was inspired by the picture of the dolphin looking at the food through a little window

Couldn’t give a shit what they think about me. Some people love me, some people hate me. Im just who I am and I ain’t gonna let any animals change that.

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OK I’m going to bite on this one.

Why do you pick up food with a fork and put it back on your plate?


Like if it falls or something? I really struggled with the words to make this sentence work.

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Phew. I was worried I’d been getting eating wrong for a loooooong time!

I think corvids probably kinda think we’re cute in funny way, they’re like “lol those humans with their clothes and their shoes and the haircuts, and their jobs and their money and their hatred of life. Can’t even fly, the silly buggers”

Octopi, I reckon try not to think of us if they can help it. No strong opinions on humans in the octopi community, but a general sense that they’d probably find us no good if they took the time to look into it.

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Most of them lick their own butts, so think we have some leverage there.

You’d lick your own butt too if you’re body permitted it