Do you ever...

…save a good bogie for later?

If I have a beer my nose gets a bit blocked, allergy shit idk, and the next morning I can blast a pile of snoz out that could easily cover a two pence coin.

Sometimes I just pop it in a drawer or on top of a door for when I get back from work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an eater, but it’s cathartic rolling a big snotball.

Don’t be prude. It’s only science.

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No but I’d like to one day.

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Don’t let anybody tell you that, with enough effort and dedication, you can’t one day stash a bogie on top of a door, Smeesy.

Why on top of a door?
I’d probably keep it in the middle of the dining table waiting for a post-dinner roll about.

Little ornate silver box for me. Like a snuff tin.