Do You Fancy Someone You’ve Never Seen?

Do you have a crush on someone you’ve never seen? Either just through their writing, or voice on a podcast / audiobook etc, or some higher concept etc.

If so, who? And will you ever google image search?

Inspired by Hari Kondabolu on The Bugle


Got a massive crush on god.


I always end up googling podcast people to put a face to a name.




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Same! Which one?

Fannloy has a lot of praying to do to Her Lordy Holiness Courvoisier after last night :joy:

No, I’m too nosy. I’m now a little bit in love with someone who I first heard as a voice on a Magic: the Gathering podcast, though.

I nearly did, but I’m enjoying the mystery.

I fancy everyone regardless of whether I’ve seen them or not


I’ll never tell. That’s between me and my disgusting prayers.

In my twenties I definitely had a crush on a woman who I only ever used to speak to on the phone at work. She had a soft Irish accent and was quite flirty. Then she left and it was before the days of social media, so it was destined for our paths never to cross.


First thought was looooads of DiSers, but I think we’ve all seen each other by now.



Ooh, I had a work crush on a woman who worked for a supplier in Germany for a bit. She had a very sexy voice and was very flirty. No idea what she looked like.

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woman from the secret escapes advert.

seen her in the ad ofc, but never irl.

Ooh yes! One of my first jobs was in a press office and I’d speak to a particular person on Mondays and Fridays exchanging startlists and results for the weekend’s events. Quite the highlight of my week. Never met ‘em but had quite the rapport, think that was a bit of a crush

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Ha, not like that :joy:

“Even the best hotels don’t want empty beds. But keep that between us.”

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I fancied my first two boyfriends without ever having seen them.

Here’s to early internet dating!

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