Do you fill a niche in your workplace?

  • yes
  • no

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if so, what?

I’m the place’s resident clown, often just outright asked to contribute something hilarious on the spot and to speak publicly more often than I feel comfortable with (he lies, seeking all attention God sends)


epimer’s said “no” but I reckon he does


Yes, and exactly the same as you.

I’d say I’m the resident Stewart Lee rather than a clown though.

“Say something dry and witty please”



Resident baker


My workplace is a bit

Although actually if anyone needs any informal advice or personal documents dealing with (passport stuff etc) then our administrator sends them my way because I’m “the most approachable one”.

That probably tells you everything you need to know about patent twats.






which means explaining the internet sometimes, but mainly fixing peoples’ phones.


i’m the British one


Internal control and compliance. Narc squad represent.


Sounds awwwful


Being the youngest on my floor means I’m suddenly the IT expert.


what does this mean?


Vegan and moody.


:grinning: good live edit there


aka show old people how to work a computer


If people with other diets brought this up to me very often I’d get very irritated I think.


We got a new photocopier yesterday. People queued up while I showed them which buttons to press.


Miserable one who hates everything


It’s quite irritating.
Means any vegan jokes are directed at me. Any vegan questions are directed at me. Just anything vegan gets shown to me. I should have just done a Q&A months ago so everyone could get it out of their system.