Do you find the more enthusiasticaly you recomend somthing to a friend


the less inclined they are to watch/read/do it? Its infuriating. Its even happened that I have recommended something they have all but refused to take a look, then a year later stumbled across it themselves and told me how great it was.
No ‘well maybe your bad at recommending etc.’ chat (said in winey child voice)


Yeah I’m probably never ever going to watch Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones for this reason.


I find with myself that anytime I do enthusiastically recommend something, I’ll almost instantly backpedal a little in case I’ve overhyped it.


YOUR one of them! But why?


Surely that answers the converse of the question in the OP.


A mate of mine has been trying to get me to watch Little Miss Sunshine for 11 years. Real talk.




Over hyped I guess. Both are only going to be a disappointment.


admit it, its because you have missed it, isn’t it, you missed the start of it, it would be like reading the newspaper a few days after it came out. You don’t want to be that person all excited about it and talking about it, when its old news to everyone else.


Breaking Bad was the catalyst for me laefs. Had it recommended by loads of people only for it to be a massive waste of time on account of it being really, really shit.




Far too many people fail to appreciate how shit it is.


People should accept my recommendations because my taste is impeccable. I won’t accept other people’s recommendations because their taste is shit. This is the way of the world.


Partly this, yes. I also don’t really tend to watch boxsets/long series anymore - just don’t have the commitment.


There’s something very satisfying about these polka-dotty likes.


my wife has insisted I watch Sons of Anarchy, because she really likes it and has banged on about it loads. 5 years later and I’m holding strong. Looks shit mate! Realllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pisses her off


What I hate more than ANYTHING is enthusiastically recommending something then hearing nothing about it from said friend. Then them turning around a few months later trying to recommend that thing to ME and playing it off like they just discovered it on their own accord.



Properly dreadful. I made it about halfway into season 2.


Just don’t recommend stuff to anyone then. Fuck 'em.


Yeah this, not worth it. Most of the time they wont bother and if they do they’ll be like… dunno, was a bit… dunno.