Do you find the more enthusiasticaly you recomend somthing to a friend

Pulling the old switcheroo, classic move. Play the long game, when they recommend it back to you, pretend you haven’t seen it then wait a few months and re-recommend it to them.

If it works well, you’ll end up recommending the same thing to each other for the rest of your lives, ideally in an increasingly aggressive manner each time.


This is what I am talking about, I have had the thread infiltrated by the perpetrators!

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I know that if someone recommends me something I will probably never love it in the same way I would if I found it myself. I guess it feels like they have some sort of ownership over it? So it’s like I’m borrowing their crackpipe or something? Never feels entirely comfortable.


Why does it irk you so chief?

It is actually shit though.


Well if you know a mate well you know that they will enjoy (and also if may want to talk about it with them) so your doing it out of the purest/best intentions, a kind gesture and its just brushed off ‘yeah sure I might watch it’ until years later they stumble across it and tell you how good it was.

Very much like @Cervantes says up thread I feel that me recommending it makes it less likely they will watch it than if I had said nothing at all!

I think maybe you’re just one of those people who seems to get off good recommendations, plus you’re clearly quite amusing when vaguely irked by this behaviour.

I have a mate like that and I will absolutely do my best to not follow up his recommendations because he’ll be so pleased with himself if I like it as well as I won’t get to enjoy that kicked puppy look he’ll give me when I refuse.

it’s utterly shit


Ok I think your second paragraph sums it up, I was quite insufferable when I watched the office before most of my friends and wouldn’t let them forget it!

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yeah I frequently underplay how much I like something when recommending stuff even if I’m as close to 100% as sure as it’s possible to be that the person in question will like it. or at least put a few disclaimers in there first.

yeah, but then seasons 2+ got 80+ scores on metacritic, so thinking there must be something about it as I judge if I like something based on if it gets 80+ on metacritic

Personally, no I don’t think so.

I watched up to Series 3 (I think) before bailing - it is just a laughably ridiculous show

i managed two episodes of it. had to double check i was watching the right thing. absolute dog shit.


I will say that the episodes set in Ireland / involving Irish people might be worth watching if you are a fan of terrible, terrible accents

I thought I hated NCIS (the one with Tony and Gibbs) but after my gf watching it so much I have somehow got caught up in it! I don’t know what’s happening to me!

Haven’t read any replies, just gonna assume Eric and/or Ruffers hate everything, but it’s gotta be TV. Dr Who, Sherlock, that kinda thing. Probably alright but if I’ve gotta go out my way to watch it after a barrage of OMG WHAT TUMBLR LOL I can’t be bothered.

I think breaking bad (watched about 1 season) and sons of anarchy (watched about 25 minutes) are worse than anyone else on here thinks they are

i often choose exclusively from products rated one star or less on amazon for very similar reasons

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