Do you find yourself getting stuck in a particular era of music?


was having a solid chat with @theShipment the other night and basically fessed up that I only really listen to hip hop from what I consider to be the golden era -1987-1993 (ish, give or take a year or two). sure, I listen to fresh stuff from time to time (say 13% of my overall hip hop intake) but ALWAYS find myself going back to my comfort zone. WEIRD

same with jazz really man. I consider the golden age to be 1945-65, and again, i dip my toe out now and again, but always get sucked back into that period. there is not one jazz album from before or after this period that I consider a stone cold classic. could be blinded, I dunno. doesn’t matter really, it’s just words after all

so - I dunno a) if I’m missing out (I definitely am) and b) whether this is a worthy thread, but I think it might have legs

let’s see…


most of the music I listen to regularly is from 87-94, most probably. Grunge / shoegaze / post-hardcore / hip-hop / whatever. I seem to be more interested in finding stuff from that period that I’ve never heard of than checking out current bands/artists etc


Mostly early 90s for me. I think most people have an affinity with what they loved when they were in their teens. Anything from late 80s grebo up until Britpop ate itself really.


i generally try really hard NOT to get stuck but it’s only natural to fall in love and re-fall in love with the music from our formative years.


Sometimes just find myself getting lost in music generally. Sort of caught in a trap if you know what I mean. No turning back either. Just lost in music.


I try not to get stuck but will always gravitate to the 70s. It’s before my formative years but just contains so much comforting magic.

Best Bowie. Kraftwerk. Nick Drake. Zeppelin. Can. VdGG. Neil Young. Eno.

Glam. Prog. Punk. Disco.

From the break up of the Beatles in 1970 to Unknown Pleasures in 1979

Amazing era.


yes man. the 70’s were the best decade of music, for me

so, so much quality