Do you genuinely put fresh socks on everyday?


Because I have minging feet

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Completely unnecessary

“Fresh” would be a generous word to use to describe any of my socks but clean yes

Yes, obviously.


Yes fresh everything, sorry planet

Yes in summer but I might get two days out of thicker winter socks, my feet genuinely don’t sweat (nothing to do with an overdose of adrenalin in the Falklands).


If I’m cycling into the office I usually wear the previous day’s socks to do that, but then I change into clean ones after I shower/freshen up.

other than that, clean socks every morning


Fresh socks and boxers each day. Sometimes twice a day if I have another shower that day.

Each shower = new socks and underwear. I just thought that was the system.



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Bunch of babies


Coz my extremities sweat to fuck

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probably the single item of clothing im least likely to rewear, just feels really off


Pants, mate


Because feet smell and even though I wear only cotton socks to prevent stink.

I wear fresh socks everyday, it would feel very wrong to put on old socks.

Having said that, in colder months I often wear more than one pair of socks and I don’t always swap the outer ones out. In the same way that I often wear a jumper more than once too

Feet get sweaty, and socks take up so little space in the washing machine that why wouldn’t you? And when they wear out, it’s wear and tear from walking around, not from being washed, so it’s not like you need to avoid washing them too much to extend their life (like maybe a nice jumper or something)

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Not always first thing in the morning, I might wear yesterday’s clothes to do the school run or slob about WFH in the morning, but after going to the gym or just showering at home I’ll put on clean socks, so every 24 hours or so.

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socks even above those, soz. Much more happy to go a day without boxers than without socks (if I’m leaving the house anyway) so I can cope with a shortage of clean things that way