Do you genuinely put fresh socks on everyday?

I wonder if the Red Hot Chilli Peppers change their dick socks daily.


Might make a ‘how clean is your anus’ thread and plot a graph to see if there’s any correlation with the answers in this thread


Favourite Bee Gees song


athlete’s foot is a thing and yet there is not one single verifiable disease associated with either of the body parts you two are so brazenly discussing. tells you which part of the body really is dirtier imhotbqhtbf


I’ve had athletes arse


I keep my socks on in bed most of the time so if I’m hungover they stay on cos I’m jank anyway. Will change socks every work day but won’t shower every day because fuck washing my hair that regularly. Good job I live in squalor with a fellow stig


Clean socks in the morning and then again when I get home from work. Shower once, sometimes twice a day due to being a big sweaty lad.

I only really put socks on if i’m going outside, so i might wear a pair to the shops and then wear them the next day or something. Or if i go out for a couple of pints and i’ve had them on for an hour or something

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You guys must have your washing machines on non stop


i accidentally wore yesterday’s socks again today as i got ready in a rush

feel minging

will occasionally re-wear socks if i’m working from home and have no plans to go any further than the corner shop that day, especially if i’m running low on socks or want to keep some good socks for another day

if i’m going to be in polite society then absolutely change them


i only put mine on to go out so if im just popping out for a short while i will then take off at home and reuse many many times

You may be correct, however, if socks get a hole in them, I will mix and match to make up pairs if needed.

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  • I throw socks in the bin as soon as I notice a hole in them
  • I persist with them

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Persist for a few more wears while the hole is small. As the hole gets bigger I will rip it into a massive hole (satisfying) and bin them


Don’t understand this laundry x socks point. Socks don’t take up any laundry space at all. Do people have less than a week’s worth of socks or something?


Don’t even know why I’m replying to this clear bait thread.

Used to work with a chap who wore brand new socks every day

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Double sock for football so socks with holes generally end up becoming the undersock