do you get a lick?

give me an opinion, or a photo, or anything really, and we’ll see… if you get a lick!



so you’ve gotta post something

and if i like it, it’ll get a lick

you could post something that might appeal to me, like a compliment, or a photo of Shinji Okazaki, or maybe a funny poem or witty observation

Do you want to see my bucket of mud?

I do, but I can’t promise that it’s getting a lick!

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I lick your new avatar


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I really want to lick it cause of how it looks so chocolatey. but I mustn’t.


bit creepy

i’m impressed, but yes, we must resist the licks!

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Just how I lick it

“A stitch in time saves nine”

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I actually out the effort in to try and find a picture where you could see Shinji’s tongue but there aren’t any so it didn’t seem right to just out a normal one, sorry I failed.

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no lick for you!


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