Do you get birthday cards from your office/coworkers?

  • Yes
  • No

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Everywhere I’ve ever worked. Yes.

Obviously they can’t do it at your workplace, the Tesco Metro would run out of those football shirt shaped cards for children.


happy birthday, ant!!


I worked in a shop that sold greetings cards and have never witnessed this

In my place it’s kind of the expectation that your boss does it/ organises it

My boss does not get me one - but as she is on another continent I’m fine with that

I recently became boss to a couple of people - and I failed to get one of them a card on their birthday last Friday.

But he had the day off, if he had been in I would no doubt of run off to the shop for a card and quickly passed it around to be signed. I only remembered on monday, and by then the moment had passed really.

I’m in the first place not too. Major perk

Ticked the wrong box. Yes, everyone in my work gets a card regardless of how much they’re hated. One card goes round and everyone signs it. Coupled with moving house, engagement, wedding, baby and dead family members it means I’m signing a card every two days. Too much.

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kin ell, sounds exhausting


No, I’ve never actually been at (nor ever intend to) work on my birthday though…

I’ve never told anyone at work when my birthday is

We get emailed automatically by HR when it is our direct reports birthday. Don’t get them a card though.

We have an actual wall chart that tells us when people’s birthdays are going to be. This is just for my section, there are about twice as many birthday cards going round.

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Then you get the joy of the awkward stand around the desk.

The worst time of my life.

Do you get people singing happy birthday to you? I take joy in singing awfully to people, really ramps up the cringe factor.

Never told 'em when it is.

Yep. Absolute horseshit. I like making everyone else’s as awkward as possible. Appalling when it’s my turn.

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