Do you get on with your sibling(s) (Tuesday Sibling Series)

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Yes, but I think he’s a colossal Tory twat.

I guess so, yeah.

My sisters are great, get on with them brilliantly. I don’t have a huge amount in common with my little brother but certainly couldn’t say I don’t get on with him.

I’m an only child so find this thread offensive.


Yes, they’re two of the funniest people I’ve ever met and they are top, top blokes as well. I’m very lucky to be their brother.

Here’s us in London last year, plus Kallgeese Sr. on the right.


Yes, he’s pretty decent. I’m sad that his life is too busy now with job and family and lives too far away to spend much time with me but we manage to do the odd parkrun together occasionally. Went on holiday for a week with his family this summer though.

makes me sad to admit it I guess, but have very little in common with my sister, just in terms of who we are as people and react to situations etc. actually have similar interests and that, but I don’t think we’d be friends if we weren’t related :frowning:


Here we are, all the lads.


Yes I do. They however hate each other, which makes it lucky in a way that one lives overseas or family events would be very awkward…

my brother is in the r.a.f and a little too right wing for my tastes, unfortunately. nice guy and good family man, but not someone I’d choose to spend a great deal of time with

my sister is a complete dick.

shame, we were all tight as fuck as kids

ho hum

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would find it very difficult to hate my sibling, really - that’s sad :frowning:

Get on really well with two of my sisters and…ok with one of them. Not a terrible showing I guess.

yes and no. she used to be really tightly wound and very unreasonable, but as she’s gotten older she’s chilled out a bit and is now only occasionally unreasonable

Can’t really answer it yes or no, it’s more “kinda” or “try to”

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your brothers remind me of

are they twins?

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yeah, mine is definitely ‘try to’ and sometimes ‘kinda’.

more try to, really.

Yes I do. Some of you have met her so she must be alright.

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They are! They’re less clumsy than Thomson and Thompson though, and a lot more foul mouthed.