Do you get on with your sibling(s) (Tuesday Sibling Series)


I know. It’s an odd situation where there hasn’t been an argument or anything just ever since they were young they have conflicted and as teens that built up to this state we are in now.

Shame as they have kids etc that the other one has never met…sure it upsets my mum and dad a lot although that don’t really mention it.


got a bit of a side beef with my brother actually. he made fuck all effort to be there for my mum when she was terribly ill. didn’t visit once…and she was in a right state for quite a while. he lives a couple hundred miles away, but come on man…make the effort.

without getting too vulgar, now my mum has passed, we’re in the process of divvying up the estate…and I’m tremendously resentful that he did basically fuck all when she was unwell and needed help and support and yeah…here he comes, hands out…lapping up the gold

hopefully this resentment will pass, cos a) it’s only money and b) it’s fucking poisonous to be carrying this shit around in your head


great photo :slight_smile:


this is great! I sometimes get a little sad not belonging to an obviously very tight family like this


me and kallgeese are actually distant cousins :joy:


Aww man! That makes me sad!

We work very hard at being close and we’re very lucky. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the years that people don’t see, as with everything.



Are you sure you’re all related?


We live together which is annoying sometimes, but overall we get on well. Our interests overlap a lot too which helps, and we’re all friends as well as siblings if that makes sense. I’m the eldest of 4


yeah she’s absolutely great, don’t think anyone could dislike her
much more confident and active and funnier than me but think we have similar outlooks and get on really well, off to see kendrick together in february and i’m already proper excited


Aw man, something similar happened with my Dad and his siblings. His younger brother did absolutely fuck all when Nan was ill and when the contents of the will were revealed there was all out war. Don’t think things have ever been the same between them.

Like you said, it’s only money in the end.


Y’know, I’ve always had doubts marckee but now I want to dig a little further.


I get on with one out of three


ruffers is actually your son.


I hope he enjoys his dodgy knees and the inevitable creep of male pattern baldness!


yeah, I don’t want this to come across as a matter of money.

truth is, my brother moved away with his young family a number of years ago and has never really made much of an effort to reach out. Christmas etc, it’s almost like our slice of the family were a mere afterthought. which is a bit galling.

in his defence, he and his wife have been dealt a really shitty card. their daughter has cystic fibrosis, which is obviously tremendously draining and probably takes all of their focus and time. I dunno, maybe they’ve taken on that ‘us versus them’ mentality on the back of that. again, dunno.

anyway, he is a decent guy and when we do get to spend some quality time together, mostly listening to records and talking shit, the ugly side of our relationship softens somewhat and the bond does get a little stronger



I get on with them but our relationship feels more like they’re older cousins in a way as they’re so much older than me and weren’t around much when I was growing up. It’s great when we’re all together, one of the reasons I love Christmas is that it used to be the one time the whole family was in one house. My brother used to play me stuff like Bowie, Nirvana and Ash when I was little which probably went a long way to shaping my taste in music.


She once did a speech at a rally about the NHS STP so that’s pretty cool.


Younger brother: yes

Older brother: not really. He’s just moved into our spare room for a few months until he finds somewhere else and has not paid the rent and helped himself to me and my housemate’s food and booze without permission. Not sure what’s going to happen if he hasn’t found anywhere else to live by the agreed date that he’s supposed to move out on.


Oh and I have such a nonexistent relationship with my half sisters that I forgot they even existed just then