Do you get on with your sibling(s) (Tuesday Sibling Series)


I literally have a dodgy knee right now


Left or right?


Right (pain in the knee)


Same here! Psychic link?


No beef, but we’re very different people and don’t have much in common. She’s a family law solicitor but I’m a patent attorney… leagues apart.

…but seriously I’m glad she had kids because otherwise we’d have fuck all to talk about and that’s pretty sad.


Mine are 10 years younger than me but we get on really well. I mother them so they don’t tell me much but they get drunk and spill their secrets to my husband so I have ample ammunition for sibling one-upmanship. Live a fair distance apart (they’re both still at home) but love the time we spend together. They’re completely lacking in any common sense which is very endearing.


Siblings in law though. Ugh.


My brother is pretty ace. Annoying as hell sometimes, but he puts up with so much crap from me and has been there for me through a lot of terrible times.
Also good to have someone to talk about sports that none of my friends were ever into with, which he got me into in the first place.
And he always let me choose the birthday cake (we share a birthday, he is exactly two years older than me), which I have appreciated.


We have very little in common. Probably just Yeovil Town FC.

Growing up we never got on. Now we get on well, but live 3000 miles away, so only see each other once a year maximum.

I was thinking the other day how proud of him I am. He really struggled with depression in his early 20s, which set his life back about 7-10 years. But the last 2-3 years he’s really bossing it. Living with his awesome girlfriend, gets paid to write for a living and actively involved in the local theatre scene. Gonna write him a letter telling him this, I think.


I’m very close to my sister. We weren’t that close as kids, but we are now. Probably because I’m a good Uncle.


lame answer but “it’s complicated”. Broadly though yes I guess


Got 3 brothers, love them all and am close to them - it’s rare that a day goes by where I’m not in contact with at least one of them.

Recently one behaved pretty badly on a drunken night out which everyone else had to deal with the fallout of, so there’s a minor schism there, but I’m hopeful there’s an apology soon and all goes back to normal.


kind of have a really fucked up experience of family due to my dad dying when I was 5, never really asked about him to anyone in my family for fear of upsetting them, don’t know half of my extended family at all, also though don’t really feel like this is my fault nor do I care to know people just because I’m technically related to them. Still sad though


Youngest of four, they kinda hung out together and I was the outsider. There’s no emotional closeness and I increasingly resent them for not being there for me in any meaningful way when I was a young child and v much needed love and care. Oh well, not like it had any lasting effects…


Don’t see my sister a huge amount but she’s always had by back. Other than my wife, she’s the first person I would turn to in a crisis; she’s never acted like she’s judged me, no matter how horrifically self-destructive or stupid I’ve been (and I’ve had some pretty good form over the years). She’s basically a top banana.


Sister: I don’t see her much but yeah, we get on really well and she’s properly lovely.

Brother: it’s complicated. He was, to be honest, a bully when I was growing up and so I still have this latent fear / distrust of him. He’s a much improved character since getting married and becoming a dad. I’m still not that close to him but I can see how he’s changed.

Both siblings are helped immensely by their respective spouses (and Mrs CCB gets on really well with them). I think Christmases would be a disaster were it not for the in-laws diluting all the bad blood!


Not so much when we were growing up but only rarely see eachother now and mostly just drink a few beers and chill out so it’s fine. Need to give my sister like three months notice just to go to the pub though coz she’s sOoOo bUsY


Yeah. She’s amazing. And I dunno how she’s coped with the year she’s had. Good egg. Great taste in music too.


no, kind of polar opposites as kids and he tormented me, went to different schools to avoid him, now he is severely mentally ill, I have no idea how to relate to him and don’t really have any groundwork from when we were kids, he is probably a better brother to me than I am to him


two older sisters

younger of the two: yeah, kind of, but I’ve felt pretty tense around her when my niece is there for years. v. close in age. usual sibling edginess as kids, but fine mostly.

we got on really, really well from my mid-teens up to the point when she moved back here from Leeds with my niece.

we agree on a lot of stuff, politically especially. can talk about most things, but don’t have all that much in common in terms of… like, music, films, etc. just feels mega tense because we both have anxiety problems, have been through a lot of traumatic shit.

elder of the two: kind of. feels tense for other reasons. used to adore her as she’s fourteen years older and she always seemed so cool. she’s into a lot of stuff which is total bunk, though, scientifically, has a way of seeing the world which makes me and my other sis really angry (even if she’s generally sound politically).

always feels weird talking to her. like, I’ve come to realise that she has a very… professional way of seeming to be listening and emotionally available, but not actually seeming to really feel what you say to her.

yeah. idk. I don’t really feel that great about my relationships with my close family these days. I have a highly strung family.

I mean, I am quite an anxious person because of what I’ve been through, but philosophically, I’m really easy and lovely. even if I’m also fervently ‘politically correct’. but my politics are intensely compassionate, so… idk.

at the heart of it, I am really patient, unjudgemental, considerate, etc, and I find it really tough dealing with the way they are sometimes.