Do you get on with your sibling(s) (Tuesday Sibling Series)


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Have any of you ever rebelled and tried to adopt a different look?


harsh words for a person who’s this brilliant on twitter

sorry to hear that she possesses it but you’ve managed to articulate a certain character trait very well here

i have three sisters i’m the oldest, they’re all within 4 years of my age (two are twins) and i’d say we get on very well although we’re all fairly different. i think the one who’s geographically closest to me is maybe the most different but she’s intelligent and successful and great and there’s no negative feelings between us or anything. i’m really lucky.


Sorry to hear that Bam :frowning: I don’t really have anything useful to say other than that


I’ve got a half brother and sister (let’s hear it for half siblings), both older

Although I put Yes to the initial question…my relationship with my brother is incredibly distant. We’re civil and everything (cordial, even)…but pretty much only keep in touch because it would upset my mum if we didn’t. Just have absolutely nothing in common…though I kind of wish we worked on this as neither of us are typically masculine men, so maybe we’d agree if we spoke more.

Relationship with my sister is a lot better. She’s always looked out for me and I appreciate that, her partner is an absolutely lovely guy, too. She has a daughter now…I just have to be careful not to make my preference for her over my brother’s children not so obvious when we’re all together.


3 sisters. Get on with 2. Will never speak to my eldest sister again and haven’t in years. Ah well


get on with them yeah, not super close with any of them these days I guess but see them fairly often when i’m at my parents’. i’m the youngest of four and always felt like the others might all be slightly closer than i am with them, my two GAA-playing brothers particularly, though i get on the most with the brother who is most similar to me, particularly when he’s along with his now-wife who’s lovely. stayed with them for a few weeks once and have been out drinking with them from time to time. used to have a bigger musical bond with my other brother when we were teenagers and would jam together and stuff but he completely lost interest in indie bands and all that at a certain point and we don’t have as much in common anymore, he was saying recently he feels guilty for not staying in touch with me as much as he should but i still see him often enough. my sister’s the oldest and has lived in Liverpool since i was about 10, i’m the only one who’s never gone over to stay with her actually but she’ll text now and then to keep in touch. i used to be quite bad at remembering to reply but she’s set up a group chat with all the siblings now so i’m better at it.

was my brother’s wedding quite recently sandwiched between a couple of friend’s weddings, was a bit of a nice change to be away doing stuff with the family.


Very close with both of them. Older sister is a very kind thoughtful woman. We used to squabble a lot as children but we are now best friends.

Little brother is moderately autistic and may need me or my sister to look after him in the future. He’s a lovely young man and loves chatting to me about films and cartoons.


Jesus, I saw that first line and I was like… bruv? How many Yeovil supporting DiSers can there be?

Unfortunately I doubt that he or any of my family noticed the depression I suffered in my 20’s and I don’t have an awesome girlfriend :frowning: When me and my ex broke up he sent her some abusive text messages which were meant to be supportive but made her incredibly difficult to deal with from then on.

We’re not close. I see the family when I go up to Somerset for football and Christmas but I can’t remember the last time he visited, would have been quite a few years ago.

When we were younger my mum kept us apart all the time and as a result when we get together we have no shared experiences or stories to reminisce about. I see my cousins talking about the trouble they used to get into and it makes me feel sad because our childhoods were spent entirely apart and we have no stories. We get on better now but we have no history and not that much in common.