Do you give money unconditionally to homeless people?

I try to, and never discriminate on what “type” of begging I give to but I rarely have much money on me anymore because of our awful post-cash society.

This is a really good article though imho, read it.
Do you give money?


Sometimes, yes.

Sometimes I’ll give them a bit of food or something to drink.

Depends on what I have available at the time.



not really

I have made a concerted effort to do so lately.

No, because I basically never have money on me.

Used to always offer to get something from the shop as I was going in for the homeless guy that was always outside my local Bo’s and he’d occasionally request something but never actually have the cash on me to give any.


Yeah i do.

It’s also maddening when people are all patronising and say things like “now you’re not gonna spend this on booze are you?” I’m sure if I was in a situation as dire as that I’d want to have some semblance of escapism too


Regarding how you seem personally, it isn’t surprising.

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Yeah - over the past almost three years, seeing the same folk outside the station most mornings and most evenings literally decaying is mortifying to witness.

They are always, without fail, thankful for even the smallest thing I’m able to offer.

I’d never really given much thought to homelessness before I started this job, but it didn’t take long for it to hit home just how fortunate I am.


you don’t know me personally but I think I should have put No rather than Nope. Less pithy.

Always a bit too worried that they might stab me or follow me home, prefer to give anonymously


I rarely carry cash with me these days, but will offer to get food or drink if I’m popping into the shop.

We don’t have them here

Whenever I give anything then it’s cash, I’ve usually got some change on me.

yeah I know it’s bad but people around here are scary! After being mugged at gunpoint I don’t really like to confront strangers


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