Do you got a tattoo?

I want one but no idea what to get.

I do not, reason being I would never be able to make up my mind and I can guarantee I would end up hating whatever I got eventually. I do think they’re cool though, just not for me.

Good luck with your tattoo quest, I’m sure you’ll make the right choice :smiley: :thumbsup:

On another slightly more creepy note, my friend showed me some cool examples of veryvery old sailor tattoos… their skin had been removed and placed in jars at the Surgeons hall :skull_and_crossbones:


just get the DiS logo across your forehead


I got 7.

fucks sake i meant to reply to the thread

yes, one.

I’ve had a design idea for a while , for a tattoo on the back of my calf

Think I’ve picked out an artist who does the style I want

Just need to make it happen now


I quite like the idea of someone getting a teeny tiny tattoo of their own face on the tip of their nose… or the DiS logo.

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Double me!!


How about this?


Ah, there’s always one.

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Yes, one.

Got 4, planning more

One on each buttock


that sounds amazing and i want to see it.

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tattoos are fine apart from the fact that about 85% of people have terrible taste in tattoos.

i’m friends with a couple of tattoo artists on facebook who post up their work and i’m constantly astounded at some of the awful choices people make (even if the artists themselves do a fantastic job)

i have none for more or less the same reason as @Witches plus i just don’t have that much interest really. i’d rather just get a nice badge or something.

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I got 4. Left it until my late twenties to get one, because I was was worried about regretting it/going off what I’d had done. But to be honest, as they literally become part of you, you just get used to it. My first tattoo, he convinced me to make it massive when I only wanted something small, and I may get it re-worked at some point.

My one piece of advice is to research tattooists first and go to one whose style you really love, and either opt for a flash or a custom design that you know they would do really well.


On all 4 buttocks, yes


Your next tatt? :smile:

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