Do you got a tattoo?

That is a stunning piece of art :open_mouth:

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What is this… this fucking wizardry?! :dizzy: :woman_mage:

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That’s incredible!

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Mind blown. That is awesome. Rethinking my very dull typeface tattoo I was about to enquire about :laughing:

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Does it only show the sparkly bits under UV? I’d probably end up buying a UV lamp just to play with it.

Only have one little scabby but left on mine along with some minor skin peeling. Reckon that makes it time to get the second session booked in.


Yep, UV ink, and I am almost certainly going to invest in a black light :joy:

It lasts 3-5 years but you can get it topped up I think. I lurve it!


No such thing as a dull tattoo!

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