Do you guys make your own pizzas?

I’m pretty sure you do, don’t lie to me.

Do you make your own bases
What do you do for the sauce


Be honest, is it as good as a nice takeaway pizza?

talk to me

No I do not


Define make.

I’ve said here before that I make my own pizza but that involves using the bread machine to make the dough. I was told this does not mean i’m making my own pizza.

form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; create.
that DEFINITELY is making your own pizza

Griddled Aubergine and/or Corgette
No cheese

Homemade sauce (olive oil, garlic, oregano, red wine, balsamic vin, sugar, passata, S&P - cooked down for ages)

I think it’s better than a take away pizza without cheese for sure. I’m bored of take away pizzas without cheese.

Have done. Made the dough, shop bought pizza sauce, then toppings.

It was fine. Didn’t inspire me to go get in a pizza stone from the garden or anything.

have done but the shop-bought ones are usually better

tried various versions of making my own with real tomatoes, tomato paste, pasta sauces with varying degrees of success

egg, spinach

nah, think the best you can do with homemade pizza is about 7.5/10

here’s the one from the other night


pizza stone’s are a fucking lie

Feels like something @thewarn would have VERY strong opinions on.

Can’t be fucked.

Did go through a period of making them but it’s just too much effort imho. Either get Co-op or Aldi’s posh sourdough pizzas, or get a pide to takeaway instead.

Also, these guys park up a minute down the road at the pub on a Friday night: and they are excellent so I really don’t want to make my own.

I do. Practice makes perfect. Had a few duffers but now I’ve got it down to a T and I would say it’s definitely better than frozen pizza or those ones the supermarket make up for you, definitely better than your pizza hut & dominoes but not as good as these places with proper pizza ovens and the like (La Favorita or equivalent).

Doesn’t take too long. Worth it for me :ok_hand:

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that looks nice but also a bit sparse

The thing that really puts me off is learning how to get the hot dogs into the crust.


I think my favourite pizza ever is these fucking whoppers they had in the 24/hr Spar in Aberystwyth, not sure anything will ever top those.

I don’t because I imagine you need loads of specialist equipment expensive cheeses and a really big kitchen

anyone got anything to say about this photo?

No, I value my free time

Have done it a couple of times:


  • Is cheaper than a takeaway
  • Tastes nicer than a pre-made one


  • Difficult to get a properly crispy base in my experience
  • Not that much cheaper once you’ve bought a load of ingredients
  • Not easy to cook loads at once if you’ve only got 1 pizza stone*

*may not exist

Have done in the past but it’s far too much of a faff to bother doing regularly. Plus my oven doesn’t go hot enough to cook pizza the way I would want to, and I’m not about to make a Jamie and Jimmy makeshift pizza oven in my non-existent back garden, and there’s a really good pizza place down the road, so no

you say that but pizza is essentially meant to be made by street vendors so none of that stuff should be needed, just fresh ingredients I guess