Do you guys remember when they brought out Doughnut flavoured Skips as a tie-in with CITV's Reboot

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First I’m hearing of this (either the donut skips or the CITV reboot).

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What about tongue-painter monster munch

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I don’t remember the incident in question but I remember it being brought up here

if only I knew who by, I would probably allocate that community member a sizable amount of my respect


I remember CITV’s Reboot but I do not remember the tie-in doughnut flavoured skips.


It was me! Previous username but it was me all along!

nah I don’t think so pal, this guy was called something else, you’re not fooling me

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Fucks sake!

No, but I remember the Walkers crisps that had Looney Tunes characters printed on them.


Reboot was so weird, had no idea at all what was supposed to be going on.

  • CBBC
  • CITV

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They were in the computer

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I remember they did an episode called Firewall which was some sort of special with its own theme and everything (I realised in later life that the theme borrowed very heavily from Thunderball).

I remember thinking Reboot was the height of sophistication. Still do quite frankly.
E numbers 90s were quite something huh

You have a better memory for this kind of thing than me.

Reboot was incredible, bring it back

Reckon there’s a good thread in half-remembered kids TV shows.

Microsoap, The Wild House. Classics, all of them.

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Great packaging!

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Think I’ve misunderstood something. Was this for a programme on CITV rather than a reboot of CITV?