Do you have a bigger shoe size than your parents?

I do have excellent balance.

People around my height are always telling me I’m shorter than I think I am. I feel as though we’re always competing to be one inch taller than one another. I’m sure every time I see my friend and height is mentioned she’s adding an inch on. Maybe she’s got a rack at home. I would not be shocked if she did tbh.

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I don’t know what shoe size my dad was

My 14 year old son raced through the shoe sizes last year and is now a 9 (same as me) - so pretty likely he is going to overtake me sooner rather than later

Do you share shoes?

I don’t know their sizes. Who would? who CARES!?

I don’t know why you’d make a post like this

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nope - he does have quite a nice pair of Adidas Campus now you mention it though

I haven’t seen my dad in over 20 years and yet I still know he is 8 1/2 and my mother 5 1/2. I am 11 if you are interested?

i don’t know

I wore my dad’s cowboy boots when I was 12/13 (yeah my dad is @lucien )

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you seem much older

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Well remembered, the well developed (hippo)campus must run in the family!!!

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11 is a solid size. Not too big like myself (a 13) so you are still able to enjoy the full scope of shoe selection (unlike myself).

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Why don’t you find out in a heartwarming tale of redemption seeped in nostalgia.

I’m sorry to hear that Balonz

Yes half sizes can be awkward for my mother.

the new census has some weird questions

Do give your regards to my-


this is such a stupid joke it made me choke on my tea. also it reminded me that the other week we sort of acted out this stupid joke. for some reason my shoe size came up (9) and my boss said he was a 14 and someone said that was massive and imagine if a 14 was the length of a 9 and a 5 put together. turns out my pal has size 5 feet so i put my foot in front of her foot and we imagined someone with enormous impractical boat feet like that and it really brightened up our otherwise dull friday afternoon.

offices eh


Your office sounds great. May I join the team?