Do you have a favourite record label?



I was amazed no one said 4AD yet.
I also had a soft spot for Beggars Banquet.


Forgot about Dischord

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I think I’d have to say: The Best of the Record Labels


Basic Channel

Sub Pop (Mudhoney needs to be on the list above)
Mo Wax
Wall of Sound
Heavenly (a little hit and miss, but great label)
Duophonic (more of a Stereolab vehicle, but they did put out others)

From the dance side of things
Reactivate (compilations)

Three One G was a belter about ten years ago:

  • the locust
  • the blood brothers
  • arab on radar
  • head wound city
  • some girls
  • orthrelm


Erased Tapes and 4AD in recent years

Roadrunner in my youth


Prettt much everything that comes out on Hyperdub is usually worth a listen.

Burial, Teklife, Jessy Lanza, Dean Blunt. All great.


As a lad I would buy everything that Alternative Tentacles put out. Would scour the catalogue that came with albums and just randomly send off for stuff.

Same with Fondle Em for hip hop.

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Is Creation something of an elephant in the room here?

Remember back between 1991 and 1993 when pretty much everything they released was great? Shame about the Tony Blair years…

Was a massive fan of Suburban Base back in the day, and XL when they did dance music.

But coming up to date, I generally give anything on the Leaf Label a go.

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I’d second Hydrahead. Hydrahead have started putting out the odd album recently (Endon and Oxbow last year) but generally they are reissuing there old albums i think.

Oh yeah. Great shout. The Dark Stranger >>>>>

Sige are good. Mainly Aaron and his wife Faith Coloccias albums (Mamiffer for eg which is faiths project and features aaron). Its more drone and experimental music they release on there. Id recommend Mamiffer - A World Unseen v good album

These in different periods too;

Constellation (nearly everything until they started difersifying from the original group of bands)
Noble Records
Erased Tapes

Current favourite is DoubleDoubleWhammy a

Will always have a soft spot for Kranky and Constellation

Will usually check out a release if it comes out on Matador, Warp or Italians Do It Better. Wichita usually pretty solid too.

Norton Records - their new releases and re-issues of old stuff are all superb with great artwork and, in the case of re-issues and compilations, extensive liner notes.

Earache were incredible for a long time.


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