Do you have a favourite record label?


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Probably Chemikal Underground. I haven’t paid too much attention to them in the last few years, which is kinda disgraceful of me but almost from their inception I pretty much bought and loved everything they released.

Edit…not sure why I replied specifically to you beastie…whoops


That one’s actually a bit after my time!


Big fan of Rocket Recordings. Some ace labels doing noisey rock/psych stuff in the UK at the moment - Hominid Sounds, Riot Season, Box Records etc.


When I was younger it labels meant not and I’d consume whatever on them…
Three one g
Southern lord etc.

Nowadays not so much. Quantum Natives I guess and profound lore are generally good though.


Ones that have already been mentioned (Hydrahead, Sub-pop, Constellation, Creation, 4AD, Temporary Residence)

I also enjoyed most things Leeds label Brew Records came out with. Their roster included bands such as Humanfly, Blacklisters, I Concur, Chickenhawk/Hawk Eyes, These Monsters, Kong, Nine Black Alps. Good stuff.


It could be Merge
NMH, Magnetic Fields, Superchunk, Mountain Goats, Conor Oberst. Ooft.


Killrockstars and Dischord too obv


Yeah definitely Sacred Bones - for both the music and the artwork


Should have reread my post before posting. It’s that bloody swiping phone keyboard thing.


Some important ones for me over the years.

Jade Tree
Amphetamine Reptile




These days:

Rocket Recordings
Erased Tapes
Memphis Industries

And obviously things like Bella Union and Domino and that.


I wouldn’t call Sacred Bones a definite favourite…but I like how you just know something’s going to be a bit weird if it’s on that label.



Constellation, Kranky, Matador and Sacred Bones here.

Love this new label from Ireland as well, Penske Recordings. Limited release schedule but everything has been great so far.


Profound Lore
Sacred Bones
Holy Roar
The Flenser
Type Records
Ninja Tune
Aurora Borealis (I basically buy everything they put out)
Sub pop
Blackest Ever Black


Another vote for Holy Roar

also Big Scary Monster for emo and twiddly mathy rock

and then Exit for lovely warm minimal drum n bass


I love Velocity Girl that used to be on Sub Pop. This is a stunning song. Reminds me of revising for my A’Levels back in 1994.


Yeah, I do love their artwork and sleeve layouts, nice uniform to it all. Plenty of releases on their that I don’t really care for but I do love the likes of Destruction Unit and Marissa Nadler and always check out what’s new.