Do you have a favourite record label?


Skin Graft
Sacred Bones


Loads really, but these ones off the top of my head so i guess they would be favourites. A lot are historical.

Witching Hour
strictly no capital letters
Sub Pop
Touch & Go
Riot Season
Hydra Head


sorry, not a favourite there, just more of a list.


Postcard Records.
These days, I’m always interested in what Kranky and Blackest Ever Black are putting out.


Fierce Panda were on a run when they started. Loads of great bands started on the 2x7 compilations. I had every release for a while.


As others have mentioned Profound Lore and Deathwish for metal primarily across recent years.

Don’t think anyone has mentioned Thrill Jockey, who always seems to put out interesting stuff. Interesting to me anyway…


Another vote for Sub Pop - from when I properly started buying records really ('89-90) so a lot of nostalgia attached to it, but they’ve remained pretty consistent right up to now, even if they’re a long way from the label they started out as. A top 20 album list would be something. Had a soft spot for Touch and Go and Drag City around this period too.

Around 1996-7 would buy anything on Rawkus or Fondle 'em Records. Think Fondle 'em is the only label where I have everything released. Rawkus ran out of steam after an amazing initial run.

Last time I can remember being into a label enough to blind buy some stuff from them would be Not Not Fun and Olde English Spelling Bee, from around 2008-2011.


When I first got into music my two favorite bands were Super Furry Animals and The Boo Radleys, who were both on Creation at the time. So Creation were my first favorite record label. Don’t have one now , hardly even notice the labels these days.


Kind of similar deal with Def Jux thinking about it. I would buy everything they released just on the strength of the label, until they also ran out of steam.


Southern Lord
Drag City
Castle Face
Swami Records
Impulse Records
Stones Throw
Editions Mego
Pressure Sounds


I don’t think I pay as much attention to record labels as I once did, unsure why but it’s probably got something to do with me buying less albums these days. Having access to Spotify means that everything’s just there and you don’t actually have to pay attention to where it’s come from and who put it out.

I adored Fence Records when I was younger, largely due to them being local to me and it being a real eye opener that interesting stuff could happen anywhere, even tiny fishing villages on the east coast of Scotland. I used to buy their new stuff religiously, same with Song, by Toad.

In general though, largely the same stuff as everyone else has already mentioned upthread.


Brainfeeder do lovely things and for all things Americana and alt-country > Loose …I’ve always like the cut of their jib.


Last year I started exploring the discographies of Merge, Sub-pop, Smells Like and Sacred Bones. Even went so far as to make Spotify playlists collecting everything I could find. I’m a big fan of the early Merge catalogue is amazing.


Was always interested in Mute, mainly because of Depeche Mode.
Founder Daniel Miller has recently worked with a writer to produce a comprehensive book called Mute:A Visual Document. Well worth £18 for anybody with even a passing interest in the bigger signings; Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Moby, Erasure, Yazoo, Nitzer Ebb, Gsldfrapp, Richard Hawley, New Order’s last album or, of course, Depeche Mode. The book also covers off the lesser known electro, techno and punk releases by the likes of Luke Slater. It’s a really nice-looking, informative book.,204,203,200_QL40&dpSrc=srch


Always Constellation for me. Was totally captivated at 15 after buying my first Silver Mt. Zion album and reading through descriptions of other artists on those little release leaflets they used to put in with the sleeves and ended up getting very into a lot of artists: Frankie Sparo (my all time favourite of all music), Do Make Say Think, Pat Jordache, Sackville, Elfin Saddle, Ought, Siskiyou, Esmerine, Sofa, Hangedup, Eric Cheneaux, Clues…


Great replies. Alternative Tentacles upthread and loads more were ace :). Did anyone mention Factory?




Great list.

I spent a few years in the early 00s collecting all the 7inch singles released on amrep. Had to stop when us postage rates skyrocketed.


It was a dark dark day when the postage rates for crossing the atlantic went through the roof. It was so cheap getting stuff from the states. I used to order loads through Level Plane and amrep also amongst others. Sad times :frowning:


Sarah Neufeld
Colin Stetson
Fly Pan AM