Do you have a fireproof safe?

Morning hive mind

following on from this post

“I have a drive that I currently use for backing up and it goes into a fireproof safe”

Does anyone else have a fireproof safe??

What’s in it?

how do I know if my safe is fire proof

Fuel. Just to fuck with the fire.


A wight

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@jont2001 @Fintans_Cat you guys seem to know more about fireproof safe

please advise the hive mind

Wouldn’t have anything worth putting in it.

Superfluous purchase.

We do at work.

this is about YOU lopi not your work

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Is this the daily thread?

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Apologies stickboy, I’ll leave the thread now never to return.

hard drives apparently

please don’t do that

this is a place for everyone

(no work chat)

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I had a safe within which I kept all of the things most personal and important to me. I kept it under my bed.

My flat got broken into. They didn’t take much, but they did take the safe.

There’s a lesson here.


Can you get flammable safes? I want one.

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What would you use it for?


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Doesn’t sound very safe


Always hide your safe behind a painting (not under the bed)


Looked into to one ages ago. Realised that I don’t really own anything both precious and small enough to fit in one. Data-wise, the only thing I’d be really sad about losing is my photos and some work stuff so I keep that on iCloud. And I think Apple is fireproof.

Fireproof box for documents obv