Do you have a fireproof safe?

I have a gun safe in the attic. Not sure if fireproof

Put it in a bowl of fire


I just memorise all my important docs and then burn them its the only 100% fool proof system. Its a skill I picked up in my last job.

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No. I wonder how much insulation such a safe would need to avoid the heat inside being high enough to damage a hard drive

probably about 8 megajoules i would assume

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What job was th-


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Big Suze
Mega Joules


FAO @safebruv

There is a fire proof safe in my office with loads of old law books in. Do you guys want me to measure how thick it is?

This one

Does the job (hopefully!) important paperwork and some hard drives are in there. Family passports too although I keep mine out. Then when we go away for a holiday we stick jewelry/watches and a couple of photos in there. You can get cheaper ones which I’m sure will do the job. I had a screwfix voucher which I put towards it when we moved into our house and saw we had a suitable ‘safe space’

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When you go on holiday and the hotel room has an electronic safe you

  • Use the electronic safe in a normal manner and give it the minimum attention it deserves
  • Get a bit obsessed with it and putting stuff in it
  • Like I’m using the hotel worker thief box!

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Do you even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire safe?

can’t remember the last time I stayed in a hotel with a safe

We’ve been thinking out getting one.

We were going to bolt it to the bottom of our built-in wardrobe, but then that’s apparently the first place that burglars look, so maybe we need to think about an alternative.

Look at those soft hands, they have definitely never squeezed a man’s windpipe.


From what I have been told if you are going to get a safe don’t do half measures. As you are putting all your valuables in one place and if burglars find a safe it like they get gold fever. A story I have told before but my friend came by a safe (around 90kg) when he was a teenager and somehow managed to work out the combination ( he is the luckiest man in the world). He used it to hide all his porn mags in. There house got burgled and the thieves spent the whole time pushing the safe out of his room and down the stairs to steal it (there were big dents in the floor) but didn’t really steal much else.

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They have squeezed both men and womens windpipes, I don’t know what outfit you work for but the SAS isn’t sexist Balonz!

So get a safe, keep it empty and put all your valuables in the kitchen drawer.