Do you have a folder for gifs or something?

I’ve always wondered how people post perfect gif responses, tell me your secrets

My birthday gif has been used so frequently I just have to start typing htt… and I get it as an auto fill option.

Don’t have anything else I can get that with though.

Had loads in my download folder on my old phone, trying slowly to build the library back up.


However I do a lot of picture research, and have folders and folders of other stuff all saved with keyword titles for easy finding. So might as well save the gifs like that when I find them.

Like this kind of thing

never understood why so many people on twitter seem to think you have to post some mundane gif with every single tweet

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There’s people on Goodreads who do book reviews with gifs……

yep, in my browser.

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web floppy



Yeah. Only like high quality ones though so I can’t use them on here with the wanky size limits

Only really need this lad



remember the days where you couldn’t post gifs over a certain file size on here. frinkiac was a nightmare - had to always make sure the gif didn’t last longer than exactly 5 seconds.

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Still can’t


Can never get the monkey ambulance one to work on here.

really? I’ve not had any issues for ages.

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I usually just google what I’m trying to convey

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