Do you have a gig side?

This is incredibly boring but bear with me.

Do you habitually stand in the same place in the same venue? And do you have a side in general?

It’s occurred to me that I tend to be very stage right, bar Brixton (centre left) and the Lexington (where the right doesn’t exist).

It’s driven by the bar isn’t it?

It’s definitely driven by the bar

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I stand on the other side from the entrance. People just walk in and stop. Cut round and up the front.


So Earth tonight. Bar on each side. Why did I stand stage right?

Definitely not closet Tory btw

It’s driven by the toilets, man. Left always for Brixton for that reason (I am male and old)


as central as possible to get the best sound, obvs

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Hmm, last few gigs I’ve been to I’ve definitely gravitated towards the right. At least one of those was because there was someone I didn’t want to talk to on the other side of the venue, but that doesn’t happen every time, honest.

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All depends on crowd and venue layout for me, I try and get quite central for the best overall sound but if there’s more space to one side or the other I’ll probably head there.

Have a standing strategy for pretty much every venue that I regularly attend - always to get as near to the front but off to one side (I am tall so don’t like to stand in front of people, but to ensure that the TV can also see)…

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Electric Ballroom - by the small set of stairs at the front right

Brixton Academy - left side a few metres up from the mens

Roundhouse - right side in front of a pillar

Definitely this. There are some venues where it absolutely blows my mind the way people just stop at the entrance (recent experiences in Usher Hall, Alexandra Palace and Barrowlands).

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It’s either left or right side against the wall or a pillar, I’m too conscious of being tall and obscuring someone’s view.


You’re too good for this world. :heart:

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Tends to always be right near the front, and one side or the other seems to have decent bit of space without being too involved in crowds kicking off. Bristol venues: SWX stage left, Thekla stage right, Fleece stage left (ultimate is leaning on the bar), Exchange stage right. Often tallies up with where the backstage door the bands come in for small shows. As soon as the support finishes and people head out, I wander in with my pint to my chosen side and watch the soundcheck.

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Reading Festival to the right.of the main The left is so odd. But to the left of the Radio 1 stage, where the left is so odd.

Brixton academy, generally on the left despite the women’s toilets being down the right.

Roundhouse, always left.

The left side generally if I’m getting close to the front, quite like not being dead in front of the lead singer who is usually centre. I quite like watching someone play an instrument so the closer I get the better.

When playing I’m almost always stage right, would prefer to be on the left so I can swing my guitar about a bit more and not hit the singer but bass necks are longer so obvs makes more sense me being on the right like a Tory

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depends on the venue, where the door and bar are, but i reckon i probably do gravitate towards the right hand side more often