Do you have a go to:


•Washing detergent
•Kitchen Roll
•Toilet paper

Only interested if you do have one, not if you don’t.

For me it is Regina Blitz only.


Toilet paper but only because it both works out as best value and makes me feel like a protector of mother earth (it says ecological on it)


soap- imperial leather
toilet paper- anything above 2 ply


Do you pronounce ‘Regina’ to rhyme with ‘vagina’?


Whichever is cheapest.

Usually just buy own brand washing powder, kitchen roll and bog roll.

Colgate toothpaste and whatever soap is on offer.


i can’t speak for everyone but I don’t


No I do not.



look at you with your own brand of washing powder


washing detergent = Lidl’s own brand non-bio


comfort pure, with lidl’s own tablets.
have two or three that i like and alternate depending what is on offer
lild’s own
dove bar soap


Does the job my mate and usually a couple of quid cheaper.

If Surf, etc is on offer for the same price, which it often is, then we’ll go for one of those instead natch


carex or lidl’s antibac one for liquid soap
also always have african black soap to hand

body wash is a completely different category


all of lidl’s liquid soap makes my hands go really dry :cry:


i dunno if it’s lidl’s actually, because i don’t buy the toilet soap (always carex in the kitchen). :confused:


@foppyish @Balonz

US pronunciation types, eh?
Click the little speaker bit.

This goes both ways (WAYHEY!)

Oh dear:


Ecover washing detergent.

Crest toothpaste, which I’ve used exclusively since I was a kid. Quite hard to come by now though.


My main concern with buying these types of things (excluding kitchen roll and toilet paper obvs) is that it is cruelty free.

I do however use Colgate toothpaste as it is vegan, and this is the only product that is tested on animals product that I use. Can anyone recommend a good toothpaste that is readily available from most stores and actually works as a toothpaste. Pls don’t tell me to make my own with baking soda like most crunchy vegan message boards do!


Carex hand-wash (the sweets ones)
Fairy liquid (I like the red one but my mum always wants the light green one to go with the kitchen)
Toothpaste/deodorant is usually colgate and sanex, for me personally the pink original source shower gel and lush American dream/henna shampoo bar for hair (rest of the family use their own ones)


no x 5
but i do have a go to deodorant. would you like to hear about it?