Do you have a good smile?


I don’t, look like a right creepy psycho when I smile.


do you think it’s something you can teach yourself to be better at?

Wouldn’t mind going to smile school for a bit


No, I look like a fucking maniac if I ever try to do an actual smile for a camera or whatever.


i look shit and mental when i smile. consequently i end up looking really serious in all photos and everybody thinks i’m miserable all the time, which is only about 75% true


It’s all in the eyes isn’t it? For photos or whatever, you can’t just have a rictus and dead face above. Need to get those eyes going.


think it’s ok
was incapable of smiling for pictures until i was about 21 though, loads of family photos of me looking surly while everyone else grins
think i just got my timing wrong


alright, tyra banks


Isn’t that something different? I only know it from on here but the smize or what have you was smiling only with your eyes I thought. Could be wrong. @meowington




when I was a kid I thought you had to like stick all your teeth out in a massive smile so all my school photos are ruined and there’s no pictures of me existing before the age of about 20


mate i barely know anything. the jokes are an elaborate ploy to divert attention from the fact that i’m a simpleton. doesn’t work.


i think so. used to go full toothy grin when i smiled for photos, then i realised i looked way better when i didnt and now ive relaxed into it which is better. now i go for the tyra/@Balonz/@meowington patented smize


I just wear sunglasses because then you can look like you are tying to be cool or weird and not just an idiot


Maybe you could become Britain’s number one smizing expert? Just dedicate all your spare time to the study of it.



fucking hell internet, come on


It should be smeyes really


Don’t knock howtobealone’s life work!


wearing sunglasses is good, ive kind of decided these days to just wear them whenever i feel like it. that weird light when its sort of overcast but still too bright really? fuck it, sunglasses. sunny ish but the suns prob going to go in in a min? fuck it, sunglasses. dead anxious and dont want to look at people? sunglasses


Good natural smile but terrifying camera smile. Got some decent cheek dimples.