Do you have a lot of friends?


Apparently this thread is similar to one about Godzilla.

Anyway, I’m concerned about how many friends I seem to have shed through my twenties due to life. Now I’m genuinely unsure how to make friends. Dare not even admit how many people I can actually tap up for a pint or jam, it’s genuinely depressing. Other people I know seem to have a shitload of friends. It ain’t right I tell you.


i feel like the older you get the less friends you need. Personally have a small circle of mates who are my bezzies and that’s enough for me. That said, there are some other people who I consider really good mates who I’ll probably only see once or twice a year. In short: dunno.


God I would enjoy a small circle. I have more of a small triangle. I am one of the points. My god.


just you guys… :hugs:


Have literally zero friends lol. Haven’t done anything / been anywhere with a non family member other than work stuff since idk January 2015?

Do have a dog though.


All 10 series



Tv is all I need.


You’ll be grateful for having fewer friends when you’re older, trust me.


Yeah I feel you, when I leave jobs I suddenly have even less than my usual “very little” to do socially. Horribly isolating feeling.

Most of the time I prefer my own company but during summer I get the old yearning for a big bunch of people to spend a Saturday with.

I get along with loads of different people but I never get to that next level. Like Murray in flight of the concords.


Not for me Clive, video replay shows Aggy actually made a well placed shot.


In Yorkshire (where I’m from) - Yes
In Glasgow (where I live) - No

Can be difficult but probably have enough to get by and occupy my mind the rest of the time.

It really is about quality/proximity not quantity. If I had just one beer wanker friend who lived near me, everything would be completely fine, I reckon.


Actually would prefer to be able to have a dog.


I defo count you as a friend (but an online one so obvs not the same. but also super up for meeting you and doggo at some point ;))


I’m good at making friends but bad at keeping in touch


I have plenty of friends where I live now but I’m planning on moving 400 miles away and I’m a bit worried about how I’ll make new friends.


I do, but there are some who I hardly see anymore. Think it is inevitable as you get older to some extent. People start having kids and, understandably, have less opportunity to socialise, people move away, etc.

I’ve found it a bit more difficult this year as the pub I regularly went to closed. Previously I could just turn up there and guarantee there’d be someone I knew to catch up with. Now everyone’s dispersed.


Half the problem is keeping in touch. I don’t make enough effort due to confidence or whatever. I think I’m well liked but I’m just shit at taking it up a notch:


Similar - lots of chums back in that London, but only just starting to meet folks in Leeds. Hoping to form some through climbing but also contemplating some ‘meet-up’ activities.


Ha it would be funny if we’ve had some pissed up philosophical chat one evening and not even realised. Proper Magnolia shit.