Do you have a nemesis, or rival?

I have that wanker @pisspot but no one irl

Do you?

Yeah, fucking Ben


Ed Glinert

And some lower tier ones too

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My ex-housemate and I have agreed to meet atop a stormy mountain after human society collapses to ashes and battle to the death. Just to give us something to look forward to once the pubs have all shut.

On a more serious note there are several people I grew up with who I would only piss on if they were wearing a suit made of potassium (preferably from far enough away to avoid getting sparks on my sensitive parts).

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Dunno who you are, pal


I’ve got a work nemesis, absolutely hates me. we were waiting outside for the job to open on Thursday and he chose to stand in the pouring rain rather than sit in my car like I offered. now he has a cold. 1-0


Anyone else with my same first name.

Hate it.

Hate them.


Head of Geography.


Ryan Gosling

@ me, coward


Right now, ITV Hub.


I don’t think so but I wish I did

No I get on with absolutely everyone really well, and them with me!

I have no rival, no man can be my equal

yeah, Alton Towers

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I get on really well with people (in that I like them or have nothing to do with them, which is also great) so the situation of having a nemesis is pretty foreign, but there was one girl at university who was also friends with a lot of my friends and she was quite mean to me in a very backhanded, nasty sort of way. She was like that to the other gentle nerd of our group (who was also black, bespectacled and into pokemon) so maybe she had a type lol

Just saw two of mine.

Mid level rival.

Top level nemesis (pat karney, twice in one week)

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Just my own stupid brain i think.

Oh, and Max the parrot in the pet shop down the road. I use it as a cut through to Lidl and i’ve noticed he has started giving me funny looks. WE used to get on well as i fed him nuts but i haven’t done that since covid. Think he was ok with it for a while but he is clearly plotting something now by the way he looks at me. I’m not going to stop cutting through the shop so just keeping my guard up for the moment. Can see it escalating.


Keep an eye on Pat. Twice in a week is concerning

He eyed me suspiciously both times, maybe he’s tailing me.

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