Do you have a nice voice?


Or a strange accent, or do you just have a voice? Are you part of the MME? ENQUIRE WITHIN

I’m making this podcast for my MA and me narrating the whole thing is boring me. I’m after a few other voices to read some stuff for me in the next week or so. Suppose you need to have decent recording equipment though OR live in Manchester and come and do it at mine. If the latter I will make you a cheesecake.


No one likes their own voice. No one.


how much talking is there?


I do not have a nice voice.

moousee has a nice voice.


I don’t know yet, 5 minutes absolute max.


here’s a recording of me reading a dis post. think it was cronin’s or something?

but yeah, dunno?


You’ve got a nice voice I’d say m9. All that Stella’s done wonders for the old voicebox.


I just have a voice. Some people on DiS say it’s nice though!


I’ve got a horrible nondescript Lincolnshire accent which is a bit of a nothing accent. Just sounds northern.


Mine’s good. My issue is that I am just terrible at reading out loud exactly what’s on the page. So often screw up reading stories for my daughter. It’s annoying.


Don’t think so


if i didn’t have a gentle lisp that played merry hell with microphones i’d totally talk at you


I could probably have a go for you.


I honestly don’t hate my voice but equally I don’t think it’s suitable for this kinda thing. Wish I had a strong sexy more broad scottish accent. LIKE @japes :wink:


nope, sorry!


your singing voice is nice!


wonder if that thing of me and bam doing each others accent is still on vocaroo


If you can find the link it blates will be :smiley:


bless you but I don’t think scout needs singing


Your speaking voice is really nice Bam.