Do you have a nice voice?


probably not, but i suspect that, given your singing voice, your speaking voice is almost certainly also nice!

(@Witches seems to be confirming my suspicions)


this is pretty much the post I came to post


Your voice is great; however, you are definitely taking the piss with most of those words, that is some Chris Morris right there


If you need a great Scottish accent, I’m your man!


I liked you voice in one of those vocaroo clips. very softly spoken. reminded me of a 70s bbc presenter or something


‘doing a line’ slang for going out with someone?

yeah, pull the other one mate.


I guess I sound alright considering where I’m from, seem to have missed some of the worst parts of the accent


They’re all real and now I’m very tempted to make a sequel with more slang terms from Cork.


And where was feck?


OMG yes! You have nice handwriting too btw.


I generally talk too quickly and mumble, dropping numerous vowels whilst swearing far too much. And I’m Glaswegian so there’s that


No :frowning: Proper wish I did


I got told I had the “voice of a psychiatrist” recently by a hotel receptionist. Probably explains why drunk people always seem to want to confide their secrets in me, without asking if I want to hear them.



you’re posher than I expected. also thought you were Spanish hahaha



I’m from Surrey m9.


It is disgusting.


loved that thank you


You’ve got a great voice! It’s very melodic.