Do you have a nice voice?


expected Kitschy to sound a bit more of a LAD, but he’s closer to the Theos and P-nikz of the boards


I’d like to help, I like reading & recording

I used to do lots of voiceover work for MTV Nordic before they moved production away from Stockholm

Can’t say 100% that I like my voice but it’s not really for me to judge when it comes to that kind of thing is it? Public ownership, death of the author etc

One thing though - recording different voices in different locations can be quiet off putting to the listener if the recording quality is vastly different between takes/parts

Also I LOVE cheesecake


I’ve been told I have a nice voice but I think it depends how much I’m concentrating. If I’m reading to my children or something like that then it probably sounds okay, but when I get enthusiastic / animated it goes all over the shop.




Haha, ah cheers. I’m not sure I agree but thanking you good sir!


I can’t listen to any of these vocaroo recordings at work, so I’m imagining them all to be like this:


As a person with a nasal voice and a lisp I’ve probably got the most unpleasant recording voice :sob:




Aw! This is really poignant.

Do you have a favourite story to read her?


I’m probably here all week


Probably in the top percentile of worst voices


Nah, sorry. I didn’t mean it to be poignant particularly, it’s just something I find hard to do. My brain will just leap ahead with words or put the wrong word in place because it thinks that’s the way it should be.

I quite often end up rephrasing sentences because my brain thinks it’ll be Character said XXX rather than XXXX said Character, as written.


Ah I get you. I know what you mean: I’ll say “shouted” instead of “screamed” and one of my daughters will correct me.

I’m a big fan of “When We Were Very Young” by AA Milne. I’m glad that they’ve not quite grown out of it yet.


Yeah, luckily she’s not reading yet but if she knows a book really well she’ll correct me :smiley:


I’m rather self conscious of my voice and as a result I’m very quiet.

It’s probably due to the fact I went to quite a rough South London school and we lived on a council estate. I did have a very “South Landan” accent.

But going to Uni and working in an office working with various people who went to private school, Oxford Uni, Imperial, Surrey and generally being posher than me I’ve lost some it.

Some still mock and pick me up on things that I let slip out.

But I take it as a compliment that i didn’t have the same upbringing as them but they are no further forward in life than me.


Don’t really like my own voice, but who does? Did some voiceover stuff for my previous company which I can send to you to listen to if you like. Also do VOG stuff at my current company events as well so it can’t be terrible, but might not be what you’re looking for.


I have a lovely posh, southern voice, like Jack Whitehall. Lovely


Thank you DB!


more posh than me?