Do you have a nice voice?


I sound posh as fuck, let’s have a posh fight! (BTW I hate my stupid Surrey vowels and it has caused me a bit of trouble living, as I do, in Wales)


I’d love to help out

I have equipment

I have a voice, it’s not too bad

I also know plenty of other people with nice voices if you need more than just me



Only recording of my voice I have is from about a month ago, and I’m talking to a friend’s little brother for his media studies homework. Will send if anyone’s interested.


can’t believe you’re actually posh, seems so antithetical to your persona on here.


Apparently my accent has a bit of an Australian according to some customers at work. A mixture of that and a rubbish Portsmouth accent, with a slight lisp. Not good.


Slightly nasal, boring, non-descript Northern accent here.


interested to know what my persona is on here, now.

you know, massive cunts can be posh too! (unbelievable, I know)


gary neville?


think my voice is both childish and monotone, not a good combination


I liked your accent!


nah, you’ve got a good voice. I’d label it as ‘mysterious and wistful’ and 100% surrey (like me)



Owing to being moved to West Yorkshire quite young, whilst my extended family all lived around Oldham and Tameside, I have a broad, mixed up “Trans-pennine” accent. Flat with lots of dipthongs.


Cheers man.


Nah you’re probably not really posh just brought up in that area of the world right?

You’re like a scrappy underdog who wears his heart on his sleeve and never gives up. THats how I see you anyway.


naw, cheers man. I like that. not as scrappy as our very own scrappy @Ruffers doo though.

and yeah, everyone from Surrey talks like this.


mine’s pure boring monotone
no idea how posh i sound
think i’ve got a mild yorkshire accent, might’ve lost it though


Its a lovely accent makes you sound like you’re dead relaxed and confident.


haha, yes, I am both of those things.


I don’t remember you sounding posh at all though. I don’t really sound like anything.


Vocaroooooo, I’d love to hear your accent Ruffers!!