Do you have a nice voice?


you’ve got a good voice man! nice, non-overwhelming southern welsh twang to it.


my accent is the one that limmy takes the piss out of on vine




AAAHHH!!! YAY! You sound brilliant. You totally do have an accent. Its lovely :heart_eyes:


good amount of accent but the actual sound of my voice is piercing


I’ll do summat for you if you think my voice is ok (idk) and if you make me a cheesecake and if you want me to obvs


japes your voice is sexy let it never not be said!


I’ve got a dreadful speaking voice which veers between posh and Essex.


Similar here… I think… I wouldn’t describe myself as sounding posh but others have, probably just because I grew up trying very hard not to sound like I was from Essex.


I’ve just embraced the Essex, now. No getting away from it, though its strength depends on how many of my Essex brethren are around

Pretty much sound like I’m on helium as well. Hilariously this combo has gotten me a few voice over jobs for childrens’ TV!


I still resist it, but things like dropping an H at the start of a word will give it away. I still live there too so it feels like I need to actively avoid it, ridiculous as that is. In proper Estuary English territory here too where it is strongest :neutral_face:

Childrens’ TV voice-overs sound like a fun bit of work!


aww you have such a charming voice!


who got the gig?


Bollocks - I listened to that album of yours (which is very good by the way - not sure I ever fed that back) and there’s one with a spoken word bit and your (speaking) voice sounds like a very, very nice voice indeed.


love the way you say “ridiculous”




ah that’s lovely to hear, cheers!


Are you Joe Cornish!!! ??


not that i am aware of.


You sound a little bit like him.