Do you have a particular way of eating certain things?

Some examples from my own life:

  • when I have a handful of crisps on a plate (alongside a sandwich), I’ll always eat the broken crisps first and leave the whole ones til last. Same with nuts.
  • I’ll nibble the chocolate off Maltesers / Kitkats (works better if the chocolate has been in the fridge)
  • I’ll never eat a banana by holding it and biting off the end. I’ll always break off bitesized chunks and eat them individually.

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Sandwiches (big triangles):

  • Pointy corner end
  • Square corner
  • Other pointy corner end
  • Bit next to that
  • Last bit (perfect filling to crust ratio)


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Apples and pears - vertically from the bottom, a bit like a horse, and then finish off just chewing on the stalk a while.

I too break off banana segments.

I do the same as you with Maltesers and Kitkats.

I’ve realised that I only like eating apples if I cut them into segments first because I’m a massive baby.

et voilà


I don’t eat burritos properly. I lay it down flat, slice it open lengthways, and scoop out the insides with a fork. Then I eat the wrap near the end with the last bits of filling. I know it’s not the ‘proper’ way, but I like to choose which bit of the filling I eat when.

This is absolutely incredible.


I don’t think I do.

People who eat the chocolate off first when scoffing biscuits or whatever should be put in a home.


meat and two veg meal - eat all of the worst veg first (usually the carrots/broccoli), then split eating the potatoes and meat equally, but individually, leaving a last nice big mouthful of the best bit of meat.

spag bol - if I’m making it myself, i’ll have one pile of pasta on one side of the plate and the sauce on the other, eating them in separate mouthfuls. If its made for me, i’ll scrape the sauce off the pasta and eat it like that. If its all mixed in then I’m fucked basically.

plums - i like to bite into it and then turn it around across my teeth, scraping all the juicy flesh off.

desert - I really like taking my time with sweets. i’ll demand a teaspoon to eat it with.

I used to eat Big Macs one layer at a time, saving the bottom burger for last.

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oh yeah, cornish pasties: eat the filling ‘bit’ first, leaving the sweet, sweet crust for afters.

Jelly babies: I will always bite the head off first, then eat the rest

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Why not just get a box with burrito filling in, maaaan?


Too late

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an american girl who I was at uni with used to peel all the skin off her fried chicken, eat the meat, then roll up the skin into a ball and eat it like a big greasy apple. It was a disgusting but strangely fascinating sight

My family think I’m weird

(optional extra information) because I have to have a bit of everything in every mouthful. Just seems logical to me. Mum often laughs at me getting my ratios right, but whatever.

Beans on toast: My perfect beans on toast is two slices of thick granary bread, with slices of leerdammer between the bread and the beans. The cheese goes all gooey and acts as a barrier so the beans don’t make the bread shite. Perfect. If no cheese is available I’ll put the toast on a separate plate, introducing each slice as I get to it.

Did she do this with each bit of a chicken like a large scabby bogey or did she wait until all the skins were off and then roll them up together like a Texas Chainsaw toffee apple?