Do you have a pet?

No pets right now but we host both Greta and Bernie , some neighbourhood cats, whenever they see fit to visit us.

Bernie’s been here a lot this week but M is a bit obsessed with his bum and it’s only a matter of time until she pokes it.

3 fish.

Not really a fan of them tbh

My wife is a dog person and I’m a cat person. We aren’t allowed dogs in the flat, but we are allowed cats. The missus refuses my requests to get a cat unless we get a dog too.

We’re not allowed a dog Mariah! We’ve been through this. Why deny us any joy?

If I go straight for a wee when I get home from work Winnie follows me in and parks herself on the floor under my legs.
I’m like, don’t get comfortable Winifred, we won’t be here long.

That’s a bit unfair :frowning:
Just get a cat. Go to cats protection after work one day and bring a cat home.
She’ll fall in love.

:sob: :sob: :sob: what did this horrible world do to deserve these three PRECIOUS BABIES


Theres a dog that lives in my house but I don’t spend much time with her. I don’t feel an emotional connection I’m afraid and sometimes dogs make me feel painful.

it’s ridiculous that i don’t have a pet

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Precious babes x

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SO, for no particular reason I think my wife is up for getting a cat, which is good, but, I haven’t lived with a cat for a long time.
What has changed in the world of cat ownership? Reading up, lots of places saying keep cats indoors, which seems quite mad to me, unless you haven’t got a garden

  • Let cats live their best lives outside
  • keep them in, some harm may come to them

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Also, any great cat gadgets around, like self cleaning litter trays and other stuff. Cheersbyethanks

are you looking at US based cat websites?

They seem more concerned with keeping cats in then in the UK -

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Isn’t keeping them indoors more to do with the fact they kill about 27 million birds every year in this country alone?

Mine has a cat flap for the best of both worlds. Although I keep him in at night.

yeah, maybe. Don’t like the whole slaughter of birds bit they do. Will make sure it has a massive bell on the collar to scupper its murdering.
Have lots of lovely birds in the garden which I would like to keep

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yeah, few uk ones as well. Remember US and Canada being weird about keeping them inside. Seems odd for a cat not to go outside, at least a fair bit/when it can be arsed

mine have a cat flap and come and go as they please - but they are old and don’t seem to have a very big area they cover these days (just my little garden and next doors).

I have a big water pistol and I’m not afraid to shoot.

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We live in a terraced house, we let our Winnie out the back but never the front. I think it’s best for cats to be able to go out and explore but there is a risk. She could definitely get out into the street if she ventured far enough along the gardens but I don’t think she does.
She’s never brought any dead animals back but if I thought she might I’d stick a collar and bell on her (and be scratched the crap out of in the process)

Ps. Congratulations! :tada::tada::tada::tada:

well, we haven’t got one yet. But my wife seems quite pro on the idea.
Annoyingly we have a cat flap in one of the doors, but it’s on the side entrance that leads to the front, with a gate blocking access to the back garden via that route. Which seems like some poor placement really. Could maybe relocate the gate…

It really depends on the cat, if you get a rescue then they usually give an indication of whether they prefer staying in. Daisy was an indoor cat, she would mosey round the garden for about 2 mins and then run back in.