Do you have a pet?

This is the ninth in a weekly series where I, Jonathan Frakes, ask the Drowned In Sound community questions taken from the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which I hosted from 1998 - 2002.

Do you have a pet?
  • Yes
  • I used to, but not anymore
  • No, never

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Tell me about your pets, or pets from days gone by.

I found this image on the internet

I can assure you, I have never bitten a dog.

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Never had one, seem like hard work

All of mine are dead.

Pet History

Phats (goldfish) STATUS: DEAD
Small (goldfish) STATUS: DEAD
Henrik Larsson (hamster) STATUS: DEAD

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Pet History (Pistory)

Itsy and Bitsy (goldfish) STATUS: DEAD, buried in matchboxes in the back garden
Clover and Haystack (dutch rabbits) STATUS: DEAD, buried in shoeboxes in the back garden

And that’s it. I’d like a cat, or a dog, but it’s just too much of a tie for us.

Sugar, cat
Alice, cat
Fergie, dog
Joey, cat
Smudger, cat
Assorted geese, chickens and ducks
Gordon, Guinea pig
Squeak, Guinea pig
Alan, Guinea pig
Poppy, dog
Anna, cat
Oscar, cat
Cleo, cat

All dead except for Oscar who I lost in a breakup and Cleo who is my current cat.

I have a squirrel that comes into the house that I feed but otherwise no, technically not allowed one but I reckon if we pushed for it with the landlord we could. At the same time I’m not around a lot and it wouldn’t be fair on a cat and certainly not a dog if I’m away often.

Had cats mainly growing up, love em. In an ideal world if I had all the time in the world and a massive house and garden I’d get a load of huskies

Un-named goldfish - dead
Meow (cat) - dead
Archie (dog) - dead
Napoleon (hamster) - dead
Gandi (cat) - dead
Alfie (dog) - rehomed but probably still alive
Bones (cat) - live and kicking, baby

I have a dog called Ozzie.

Former pets:

Millie and Billy - a pair of blue budgies
An undetermined number of tropical fish

I have two cats: Audrey and Norma. They are dickheads but I love them like they are my daughters.

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I don’t want to read about dead pets :’(

This is what I’m looking at right now…


One pet currently sleeping on the eldests homework, one pet currently hibernating.

Pets that have sadly passed: my beautiful cat, my darling fish (including my son, blackie, who was born in the tank and survived getting eaten and lived 4 years till the tank broke) and my lovely crab


Pets still around: my sons


You mean this cheeky bugger?


Yes! This is Pipkin, who turns 1 next week

  • Bruno (Dog, German Shepard)
  • Gizmo (Cat)
  • Millie (Dog)
  • Candy (Dog)

All above have passed.

  • Samson
  • Destiny

My 2 big teddy bears currently having their post breakfast. :slight_smile:


This is Val, he is a monster and I love him.


First pet: Scooby. She was a babe. Labs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Next pet: Joe. Very naughty, had been a street dog in Liverpool. Full of sass. Loved an earl grey.

Troel and Theis: ultimate babes, the best pets ever.

Ukko and Torben: great bunch of rats

Fish: Pants, Mandy, Judy, Beadybee. All shit.

Mouse and Cow: poor man rats but cute little guys

Current: Fig. The most annoying cat thay ever existed. Awful. Makes me life very hard. Admirable really.


Used to. This handsome lad, Skip. He was a very good boy.