Do you have a pet?

love that picture of ukko and torben in the sink so much

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I put that on Twitter at the time and Future Islands liked it, or retweeted it. Famous fans.

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Just this little dude


Let’s see now, in chronological order

Dog: Dougal - got given away as he was too much dog for my parents to deal with when I & my sister were babies

Dog: Hamish - came of worse in a game of chase the ice cream van. Deceased

Hamster: Whiffy. He was smelly. He escaped from his smelly cage about 9 months or so after we got him and disappeared. A few weeks later he was found, considerably more smelly, behind the fridge freezer. Deceased

Goldfish: Starsky & Hutch. Won at the fair. Probably didn’t live for more than a fortnight

Dog: Lulu - a yorkshire terrier bitch that was the yappiest little annoyance you could ever imagine but my mum adored her. We got her when I was about 8 or 9 and she was still alive and well when I moved away from my parents 10 years later. She lived to 14 or 15 I think

—— petless for 10 years ——

Cat: Handsome. A black male cat, abandoned as a kitten, maybe 3/4 weeks old, found hanging around the incinerator underneath a hospital in Paris where a friend of a friend worked. Rescued by said friend-of-friend he ended up moving into the apartment that me and my then brand new girlfriend (now my wife) had just got together. In fact he moved in the same day I moved in. He was evil. Proper evil. A proper evil French witch’s hellcat. We barely tolerated each other. He destroyed things - books, records, very expensive designer shoes & bags, a leather sofa - you name it. He also randomly attacked friends. Four years later, (now in Stockholm) when I was away on tour & the tv was away on a work trip he stayed a week at a friend’s house. At the end of the week the friend was bringing him back, walking through the park with him in the cat bag, he managed to escape from the cat bag, ran off and was never seem again

Dog: Ziggy. Irish setter. A beautiful, expensive idiot with insides made of dust. Ridiculously demanding. Never reached his third birthday. RIP Fella

Current: Cat - Shades.


I love Shades

however Shades got pregnant and gave birth to ‘The Revolution’ (they were born on Prince’s birthday) and for a while we had 5 cats

And it was fucking torture

But the kittens have all gone to good homes now and are all doing well and it’s good to have Shades back and not have to walk into the bathroom first thing in the morning and get freaked the fuck out by this psycho

Or just simply wake up without being threatened

— end —


Those kittens :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: perfection

Pet History X:

Pepsi the bunny rabbit when I was 5ish. I think he may have been carried off by a fox.

Snuffy the hamster when I was 11ish. He was a bitey twat.

Then we had Dotty and Barbie, rescue rat sisters

Not fans of being handled, lived an extraordinarily long life, died on the same day as each other late last year.

Then in 2020 we rescued this bundle of trauma, Luna, from abroad

After weeks of no sleep, alternating sleeping on the sofa wearing shoes and several layers of clothing, hoodies and hats and piles of blankets to protect us from being attacked by her at night, and then trying to have her sleep in our room only to not be able to get near the bed without being lunged at, my husband almost having a breakdown (not just because of the dog), eldest being nipped on the arse, and generally crying more tears than I’ve cried in my entire adult life, we found an adult-only home for her where she is thriving and utterly adored.

Then, one year ago today, this lump came bounding through our front door

Just as a foster. Just temporary. She already had a home lined up. After a week she left to her new home and we all cried.

Then we had these two as short term fosters

Mia, a gentle giant who had been very neglected

Luna2, lockdown pup whose rehoming went wrong when neighbours chased the rescue volunteers away when they arrived to drop her off.

And then we got a phone call to say the big lump wasn’t settling and well, here we are a year later and she’s going nowhere. She’s the best.


Too much

WAY too much

Previous pets:

Bubble (goldfish, died age 11)
Squeak (goldfish, died age 8)
Wallace (gerbil, died age 5)
Gromit (gerbil, died age 5)

all lived in the days before digital cameras, so no pics available (no analogue photos either)

Current pet:

Katie (cat, age 7)

AKA: Katie-Cat, Katie-Pie, Katie-Kitten, Kitten, Catkin, Sweet-Pea, Piggle, Naughty Pigglewiggle

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Departed and dearly missed:

Meow - predated social media and photos but will remain my all time cat forever:


Archie - same as above


Gandi - street boy who kept me company during some very dark periods:

Bonesey - my literal son: