Do you have a printer at home?

Of course I do not.
zxcvbnm does.

It is time for you to pick a side, a side that will define you.

I do.

It’s been inkless for about 2 years.

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cafe a couple of doors down does though. 10p a sheet.

still fucks me off if I have to print anything.

No. Anyone who does have one has ran out of ink cartridges (or whatever the fuck goes in them) and their printer has lain dormant for about a decade.

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No because i consider the environment before printing (never)

No, jesus christ, of course not.

Yes, I do.

Clearly not. That’s what having a job in an office is for.

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I do.

We use it quite often for all kinds of things. I bought a fancy wifi one that you can email things to.

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Theo, we know, no need for you to answer this one.


fucking site won’t let me build a poll

Yes. How else am I going to print my daughter’s homework on a Sunday afternoon when it needs to be handed in on the Monday?

  • yes - working
  • yes - not working
  • no

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I’d quite like to pick a crime or incident and print off hundreds of stories about it from the internet and put them on my wall, then highlight bits of them and pin bits of string between them.

Then anyone who comes round can ask what it is and I’ll just usher them out of the room and tell them I’m working on something big.

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“urgh I’m a baby and I need to do my printing at work”

my printer orders it’s own ink.

beat that you failures.


laser printer? don’t need to answer actually.

select single choice, make your poll, change it to multiple choice, change it back again

  • you’re
  • welcome

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Once got a printer from PC World (where in the world PC World).
Chumbo at the till said “for a fiver you can get this insuranc-” naturally I told him to fuck off.
He, realising I was a man of the world, explained “m9, if you get this, it lasts two years and you can bring the printer back if you say it’s not working no questions asked!”.
Realised he was salt of the earth, I only bloody went ahead and paid the extra fiver.
Every time the ink ran out, took it back and got a new one.
Sometimes they didn’t do the older model still so free upgrade too.
Best bit was, every time they did the swap, they printed a new receipt which had a warranty expiry two years from the date it was printed.
Would still be getting new printers on the regular if I hadn’t fled the country.


figured this out weeks ago without your help, but thanks anyway bud!