Do you have a printer at home?

It’s like a photocopier but definitely not the same, FFS.

haha theo got annoyed too

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I bought a printer from PC world that included ink for £35
Replacement ink is £36


Do you get many photo(static)copiers these days?

Pretty much all office copiers use scanners now.

Work from home therefore have a work printer at home. Bloody thing is huge and they told us we need to keep the box, like i live in some palace with endless storage space for shitty printer boxes.

Also it’s quite commonplace for the photocopiers at the services I visit on the days when I’m not here (home) to inexplicably develop a fault while I’m there so that i cant take copies of documents. That means coming home and dragging my work printer back there with me. Me, wondering around Woolwich with a printer the size of a Shetland pony. Basically, based on the printer issues alone, working from home is far more shit than anyone realises.

MFDs produce different output for colour and black and white. Standard photocopying in B&W is a matte finish on paper. I can only presume it’s because it’s cheaper and therefore uses a different method to the colour printing aspect.

Anyway, it can work out the same but they’re not automatically equivalent and it’s not a photocopier it’s more like an MFD. If it’s inkjet it’s definitely not the same as photocopier outputs don’t have ink that is disrupted by water.

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I have a moitor, docking station,keyboard and mouse wedged between the sofa and the wall.

It’s really kicking off in here now.

This is too boring even for me.


Sounds like a similar hell to here…

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I don’t know what balonz was thinking kicking a hornets nest like this.

Er, of course.


I have two printers at home.

Do you think she would let you use it?

Also, are you really moving to Esher? We could go see outdoor Shakespeare at Claremont Gardens together.

Is that the place where the stairs go down and end up back at the top?


It’s where On the Up was set.

Just the one Mrs Wembley!

It was supposed to be a joke about

Probably needed some more work.

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Yes I know!