Do you have a printer at home?

I’d like to stress that despite owning a working printer, I obviously do all my printing at work because I’m not a psychopath

Ink jet obviously.

  • I don’t have a printer
  • I’m a tory

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Theo has a 3D printer.

just one?

printer built into his chest cavity - where the heart and lungs would be in a non-android human.

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is adding a poll to a thread that you didn’t start the new posting of :smiley: under a post to harvest ^this’s?

  • yes
  • ffs do some work, wiggy

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Pursued by a horde of insurance agents?

What brand?

Have a printer at home but not used it in years. Do all my printing at work obviously.

Yes . Mainly used as a scanner though.
I think the last lot of ink was used up by printing a load of album covers for my house mates band.

HP as it happens.

Previously I owned an Epson printer that was so old, it could print directly only printable CDRs. Remember when they were a thing?! :open_mouth:

I miss :smiley: posting

Shaky limb.

Those things and the plastic are ££££££££s

Yeah, scans and copies too. It’s really useful (don’t work in an office everyday).
Also good for creative wastes of time.

Got one because I urgently needed some printing doing on a Sunday.

Had a very stressful conversation with the shop person where I said I needed one that printed double sided but I didn’t care if it was colour or had a scanner, and he kept saying things like “hmm, that one’s cheap and does double sided, but it’s got a scanner so you wouldn’t want that…”

No DIY punk ethic in here please



My housemate does.
I don’t even have a computer.

Alright, Kate Tempest

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