Do you have a set daily routine in work?

Other than always starting with a cup of tea/coffee and going through my emails, I do not.

Tend to make a poopy in and around 1020hrs

Is that in the immediate aftermath of a hot beverage of some kind?

What if you’ve got a meeting from 10 to 11?

Get in

check emails

fire up DiS

do some DiSsing

think about doing work

do no work

poo at around 11am

some more DiS


do a bit of work


bit more work

DiS for the rest of the afternoon, sometimes a bit of Sporcle too

Go home

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In a sense. Tend to have breakfast at 10, then get a coffee at half 10. Then I caffinate every hour hence until lunch at 1. Maybe have 1 more tea then an orange at half 4 to see me home

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Well, I guess it probably comes about 45 mins after my cup of coffee.

Nobody would ever book a meeting at 10:00 here.

Coffee as soon as I get in
Poop around 10.30 and 3.30
Other than that, not really.

8am get chai
8.10 - 12pm countdown until lunchtime
12-12.45 lunch
12.45 - 4.30 countdown until hometime