Do you have a signature fart?


Let’s not talk odours here. Let’s keep it sophisticated.

I’m talking about timbre, tone, rhythm, tempo.

Could you pick your own fart out of a line-up of fart sounds?

Do you have a friend, family member or loved one whose fart you could identify at twenty paces?

Thanks for your time.


have a nice weekend everyone!


Mine just fall out of me now, it’s actually awful. Not sure what to do.


I usually just write my name


I think my farts fall into two camps:

  1. Held in until I am confident that they will be silent and controlled. (For polite company)
  2. Loud deep-toned blast with excellent reverberation notes at the bottom end. (For when I’m on my own)


Well now we can all die happy.


I have a finisher, yes.


Pretty standard repertoire for me mate.


Why am I even posting in this thread but remember this


No, loads of variety. Like one of those boxes of chocolates that has a surprise THIRD layer tucked in there. But farts.


AKA ‘following through’


nutty aftertaste


Too far, too far


This is a unisex thread.

The more the merrier.


That’s what that whole episode was about too


you ever pull your bum cheeks apart then let one rip so that it just puffs a bit of air with no sound at all?

I haven’t, that would be disgusting.


In the earlier days of my current relationship I would try that. ‘I can still hear the gas escaping’.


wtf happened to your name


It got longer


Like, uh, loud and braaaaaaaappp! -ish.