Do you have a sweet tooth?

This is the tenth in a weekly series where I, Jonathan Frakes, ask the Drowned In Sound community questions taken from the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which I hosted from 1998 - 2002.

  • I have a sweet tooth
  • I do not have a sweet tooth
  • I have somewhat of a sweet tooth

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What are your favourite indulgences? Do you practice self-control? What do you enjoy?

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I would say that every single one of my teeth is sweet.


You taste with your tongue so should be sweet tongue, i reckon

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No but I do have a sweet ass


I’m constantly shoving Toblerones up there


Probably a thread in best and worst chocolate bars for shoving up your ass

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Toblerones for both

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I have many sweet teeth and 2 fillings :pensive:

Only for Epimer’s sweet ass.

I suspect I have the sweetest tooth of any DiSer

Do I?

Starter and main >>>>>>>>>> main and dessert


Mine is sweeter (I have no idea)

Nutella choc spread straight from the jar


Filled up my sweetie jar with jelly tots like a big boy yesterday

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That’s easy street.

How about a whole 6 inch Lyons/Kipling Bakewell tart as post lunch snack with tea?

Just the six?

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Ha, not seen a bigger one for sale… Mmm🤤

Yeah, the front left one gives me a compliment every day. Very sweet

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