Do you have a tv*?


*don’t be a wiseguy

  • Yes
  • No

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It’s a yes either way, tbf.


Yeah. Here’s the thing right we’ve got a 32" job and I think it’s too big. I’m informed by some friends that 32" is actually quite small in this day and age.

Massive TVs seem quite vulgar to me.


Depends on the room size Geoffrey.


Snore off mate


Take it to the ‘Do you have a functional equivalent of a TV in order to be able to access this board?’ thread


I get that but even in a big room a big TV looks ugly I reckon. Plenty of better things to fill the space with.


Yeah, but if you have your sofa/chairs set back a long way from the tv (as necessitated by the design/lay-out of the room) you won’t be able to see shit with a 32"*

*that’s how I’m livin’.


Yeah, we have 32" TV but it’s only about 4m from our sofa. Any further and I think you’d want something a bit bigger.


How terribly, terribly vulgar.


Fair point. In general I’m indifferent to TV size I think. All of my seminal adolescent viewing was done on a screen no bigger than 24" and it was just fine!


got my m8’s old 40 something incher HD for free. way way too big, but beggars cant be choosers n ting.


This should have been the Thursday filth thread.

  1. Depends on the room size
  2. Don’t be snobbish.


We have my parents’ old 26" TV in our living room at the moment.

I designed our shelves to be able to fit a 48" screen if we want it.


Not being a snob. I just don’t like big TV’s. It does depend on the room size as I conceded but it’s just a personal, irrational, dislike of mine.


Say that then. It’s the use of the word vulgar in this context that comes across as classist sneering.


My TV is vulgar tbh


That’s you projecting something onto my statement that doesn’t exist. Classist? Absolute nonsense.


I totally do really.