Do you have a will?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t, but would quite like to set up some kind of semi-secret trust arrangement with a series of envelopes that ends in one that contains a piece of paper saying " lol j/k".


Technically yes, but it may be invalid and certainly needs updating.


Probably need to sort that out, don’t I?


Quite enjoyed learning about wills in basic English law and the barrister summoning the case law up as “if you can’t remember if you can do something in a will, think about if it would be personally useful for a judge to be able to. That’s why there’s ways to leave money to hunting clubs, mistresses, and secret illegitimate children”.


Nah, not yet.

I will by the end of this year – resolution?


My will is “Harvest my body for organs and do whatever you want with my stuff, I don’t give a shit on accounts of being dead”


One of my Q1 jobs to sort out.


I just assume that everything I own will go to my parents, and if they’re dead then my brother. I don’t need a will for that do I?


You’re just inviting a family schism over who gets the tiger onesie with that attitude.


I’ve got 3 onesies they can have one each.




No and I should

On the other hand not sure if it’s really necessary

I’m divorced and have 3 kids - assume if something did happen my stuff would automatically just be split 3 ways among the kids

I’m probably deluding myself aren’t I


I’m waiting to find the right haunted house for my potential beneficiaries to spend a night in before they get my stuff.




I want to be taxidermed and delivered to @Antpocalypsenow’s door


Probably no point unless I end up having kids, which we talked about a lot over christmas :grimacing:


My partner knows how to do taxidermy so maybe just get the body to me raw(?)


No, but i have a way!




Will(!) Do.