Do you have a window cleaner?

How do you acquire a window cleaner?

Do you have any other cleaners or people who do things for you?


Yes, for the outside once every five weeks. Clean the inside myself about once every couple of months.

No. Considering a gardener. How much is a gardener? Couple of hours every 2 weeks probably?

2 weeks may be a bit much?

Dunno how much gardens need to be done tho

I fucking hate those bastards. Whenever they come round I say yeah you can clean my windows and then they say well it will be four times a year or every two months or whatever. I want a one off clean you pricks. They will not do this.


How did you get the window cleaner?

I want someone to come every maybe 6 weeks?

I can’t reach my windows!

front and back, maybe an hour would be fine, dunno? there’s a lot of recurring weeds.

Window cleaner
House cleaner
Bin cleaner

He cleans my TV’s mum’s windows and she asked if he could do ours too. I’m sure I could have found a local window cleaner through the internet, though.

no. I’ll probably do it myself on the 23rd.

Ask a neighbour

Six weeks! I mean come on. They don’t get that dirty. (alright maybe London filth)

You get them by an unsolicited knock on the door.


Yes, it’s arranged by the the building management company. They come once every 2 months to clean the windows on the outside.

I have a cleaner who comes every week and cleans the flat, including the windows on the inside.

I live in a block of flats near a high st and i’ve never seen a window cleaner about?
I just want some dude to pop up there. I’m googling and there seems like a lot of professional operations! I just want a man, a ladder and a bucket of soapy water

Probably should get a window cleaner. Our windows are filthy.

We have a cleaner though, because we both work and when we’re not working there’s a toddler to look after and without doing something about it the house was getting dirtier and dirtier.



Is this supposed to be a fifty shades thing?!

Happens through the factoring company for me. I’m not normally in when they get cleaned, but if I am I find it disconcerting.

Think we will have a window cleaner when we move. Also apparently one of the neighbours takes like 5 houses outside bins and cleans them all and returns them, unsolicited and without charge. What an odd and nice thing to do